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Maintenance Free Tree Irrigation System! Save 99% Water vs. Tree Bags

The TreeDiaper can absorb rain water and keep weeds at bay at the same time. The top layer of theTreeDiaper is a weed barrier and the bottom layer of the TreeDiaper is a pre-consumer recycled diaper material that is water permissible. Inside the Tree Diaper is where the magic happens!

There are super absorbing pellets that can hold 500x it's weight in water when conditions are dry they release moisture. When it rains the Tree Diapers absorbs building up water for the next dry season.

Save on water trucks and labor too!

The Tree Diaper can recharge with rainwater and will maintain moisture levels for 30 days with no rain.


The Tree Diaper is good for 3-5 years and can be reused. For best results pre-soak the TreeDiaper for 4-5 hours before use. 

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